Voice Training

Voice Training

More important than what you say is how you say it. At Intonate we pursue a holistic approach to vocal training by incorporating exercises for the mind, body and voice.

Intonate isn’t a boring, classroom approach to training. Most people attending training sessions forget 90% of what they hear or they have heard when it’s presented uninterestingly. In our program you will learn by doing things in a variety of ways. You will be using audio technology to find out why your voice isn’t sounding the way you would want it to, you will also learn how to bring your voice closer to that internal voice that you hear in your head. And you will get plenty of chances to work on your skills.

We will run you through a variety of drills, each one building on the previous one to compound your speech abilities. By the end of the program your voice will sound warmer, more resonant, more flexible, more confident, and more intriguing.


Our workshops comprise of several modules for voice training all of which is enabled by NLP:

Voice culturing (to sound good no matter what you do)

Voice modulation (to breathe life into words)

Voice Training for Trainers and Teachers

Radio jockeying

Master of Ceremonies Training

Voice acting (to put voice and emotions in synch)

Voice over training (for narrations,commercial and Animation)