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Intonate is the brainchild of Prakash Paul, an internationally certified NLP Master practitioner, trainer, and a voice & life skills coach. He has been in the industry for over 15 years. Prakash has been a television producer with a TV channel and is a popular radio host. He is the pioneer in designing and conducting Voice Culturing, Voice Acting, Voice Modulation, Voiceover and RJing workshops in Bangalore. Besides he has also been training people on NLP and life skills He has trained TV and Broadcast journalists, Actors, Corporate Communicators, Teachers, Lawyers, CEO’S as well as students from primary to management study levels.

Executive Power speaking will make you a more compelling and powerful communicator…
In concert with its training program Intonate has successfully established itself as one of the best known voice over casting agency.
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Namrata (Nnaumrata) Arora

Systems Thinking Researcher, DEIB (Diversity, Equanimity, Inclusion and Belonging) Consultant, Circle Convenor, Conscious Living Coach, Workshop Leader, Spiritual EcoFeminist Writer and International Speaker, Nnaumrata’s vision is to awaken humanity to our interconnectedness. She applies her 22 years of work experience including a corporate career in organizational learning and development, to bring about deep systemic transformation in organizations and social settings. An advocate of compassion, she has been instrumental in galvanizing various women led communities using Circle Work, an ‘ancient future’ social technology for hosting gatherings.

Nnaumrata is the Founder and Director of Enactive Systems (earlier Life Beyond Motherhood) and Zemyna Foundation, Director and Board Member of SCiO (Systems and Complexity in Organizations) and Initiator of the SCiO (India) Chapter. Life Positive Magazine’s 24th Anniversary edition released in India in April 2020, named her as one of the 14 faces driving social change in India.