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Experts believe the way we speak is more important than what we say. CEO, Jeff Weiner, believes that oral communication is one of the key skill gaps of the future. By training your Voice and Power Speaking skills you will be able to captivate, persuade and command attention every time you speak.

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Your voice and your ability to speak well and to influence is the ultimate human soft power.

Intonate offers the best voice workshops on Voice and Power Speaking by acclaimed celebrity coach Prakash Paul. We help you command attention and inspire confidence with your voice

Voice Training

More important than what you say is how you say it. At Intonate we pursue a holistic approach to vocal training by incorporating exercises for the mind, body and voice.

Executive Power Speaking

Being a confident, charismatic speaker increases your chances for success. No other skill will help you ahead of your competition as much as good speaking. Be a part of our Executive Power Speaking course  and benefit from world-class voice and speech evaluation and training.

Voiceover, Radio jockeying and podcast

We offer Voice over, RJ training and podcast Training, Demo Development, Production, and Voice Evaluation from the industry experts and help in doing various voiceover assignments for podcasters and youtubers.


There’s more to Intonate than training. Intonate voice training workshop is an escape from the everyday world. It is a fun creative environment where you can let your imagination run wild while working towards a potentially rewarding new career. It is a place where strangers become friends students become mentors and everyone shares in the fun. Come unlock the hidden powers of your voice and command respect, easily influence others and get the response you want.

I feel blessed to have coached with Prakash Paul and grateful to call him my mentor.
During his voice classes, we learned to master the art of ‘Breath control’ and ‘Diaphragmatic breathing’ to have a great sounding voice consistently. He also trained us on how to keep our recording skills sharp and to polish and build our voices. We learned and practiced several vocal exercises and understood the art of networking to find our footing in an exciting industry. The icing on the cake was the diverse portfolio that Prakash helped me build and this has kept me in good stead even 7 years later!
Today, I am a successful voice-over artist and English news anchor thanks to the guidance and confidence that Prakash Paul saw in me. I record E-learnings, narrations, documentaries, commercials and corporate videos for companies both in India and internationally. I also freelance as a Television and Sports News Anchor and continue to learn and grow every day.
Thank you for everything Prakash!
Tanya Thadikaran
When I wish to learn anything, I try to learn it from the very best in the field. I took voice training from Prakash Paul sir because of that very reason. Being an industry expert with tons of knowledge in the field, he taught me to understand the nuances of my own voice. I learned methods to control the cadence, tone, range, and the rise and fall of my voice. I also learned to analyse scripts and the right tactics to employ during voiceover auditions or while speaking in public.
When we develop our voice to its full potential, our personality changes as well.
As an author, the training has helped me a lot during literature festivals, creative writing classes, and interviews (both online and offline).
If public speaking intimidates you, if you want to power up your voice or if you want to become a voiceover artist, go ahead and join this course.
Preethi Venugopala
Training with Intonate Academy under the guidance of Mr. Prakash Paul was one of the biggest life- changing decisions I've ever taken. It opened doors for me into a whole new world where I was a whole new me, full of confidence, zeal & enthusiasm. I used to be an introvert before I associated myself with Intonate Academy. Now, my whole personality has gone through a make-over and I love what I am today. Voice over industry is not very welcoming for inexperienced freshers. But with the tips and tricks together with a lot of encouragement from Mr. Paul, I have been able to find some great and exciting projects to work with. Thank you Sir.
When you join Intonate, you don't just get a prescribed number of sessions. You get far more. You get a mentor. Prakash Paul sees the light in you even if you can't, and motivates you to not only see, but to manifest this light. I've seen him go out of his way to inspire students who may have given up, to start over. I was one of them. Now, as a professional voice artist, I find myself using the techniques and exercises I've learnt from him on a daily basis. It works. He's someone truly passionate about helping people achieve their best voice. In his own words, "If I didn't love what I do, I wouldn't be doing it".
RJ, Radio Indigo
A Voice over artist and Emcee. I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Paul Prakash and his brainchild Intonate. At the very start, I was given an offer to work as a Presenter for demonstrating a product of a big home appliances company in India. My videos are uploaded on the official website of the company as well as YouTube. Intonate is the right place to be, if you are looking to make an impact in the voice and media industry.
Voiceover artist & RJ Radio Mirchi
Prakash dazzles audiences with his innovative ideas and exceptional training in Voice communication and Influence . The concepts are so well presented that you will feel like you have been given the key to unlock the treasure trove of communication and influence. Prakash is an outstanding presenter -- entertaining, well-studied, and very experienced. You will want to attend one of his workshops
Anurag Dwevedi, General Manager
IBM Global Services
I would like to firstly thank Paul for giving me an opportunity to work in this beautiful field of voiceovers. The best USP in Paul is he never makes you feel like an amateur and that certainly creates a comfort zone for a beginner "when he or she wears his headphones... picks up the script... says take... retake.... wow these words felt an adrenalin gush when I said them the first time.... I have been working with him for a really long time and I must say that every voiceover that I have done is different and sets a challenge, allowing you to further innovate and improve your deliverables making you as an artiste "alot more credible". I have worked for a gamut of clients and at every step Paul has been of tremendous support. If he had not given me a break I would never have managed to enter this lovely industry. I would like to wish him all the very best in all his future endeavous...and may god bless!!!!!!!!!
Apoorva Rangan
Voiceover artist

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