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Voice Training
More important than what you say is how you say it. At Intonate we pursue a holistic approach to vocal training by incorporating exercises for the mind, body and voice.

If there's any doubt that you'll gain much more in results than what you have paid for in this program, you can attend a part of the first day of our program at our risk. That's right. Just enroll for the program in good faith, attend part of the first day and listen and see for yourself. If you find that the course is not to your liking, we'll refund you your entire tuition amount.

Intonate isn’t a boring, classroom approach to training. Most people attending training sessions forget 90% of what they hear or they have heard when it's presented uninterestingly. In our program you will learn by doing things in a variety of ways. You will be using audio technology to find out why your voice isn't sounding the way you would want it to, you will also learn how to bring your voice closer to that internal voice that you hear in your head. And you will get plenty of chances to work on your skills.

We’ll run you through a variety of drills, each one building on the previous one to compound your speech abilities. By the end of the program your voice will sound warmer, more resonant, more flexible, more confident, and more intriguing.

Our workshops comprise of several modules for voice training all of which is enabled by NLP:
Voice culturing (to sound good no matter what you do)

Voice analysis
Exercises to improve on posture which is a must for good voice and speech
Exercises to harness diaphragmatic breathing, vocal exercises to tone muscles, relaxation exercises to foster a confident disposition
Exercises to improve resonance for a fuller voice
Exercises to improve clarity and enunciation
Toning and chanting activity
Care and maintenance of voice
Voice acting (to put voice and emotions in synch)

Breaking out of inhibitions
Playing out emotions and attitudes using mind, body and voice
Getting into character
Sense memory
Copy dialogue and character
Role plays, mad ads and mock
Mind, body voice exercises with and without text
Getting into character
Voice modulation (to breathe life into words)

Identifying your optimal pitch
Pacing (Rate of speech )
Voice Projection and Volume
Inflection and pausing effectively
Rhythm and Melody
Voice sensitization activities moving your voice forward
Working on pure vowels, Diphthongs and Triphthongs
Exercises with consonants
Pronunciation-Impediments and speech habits
Voice over training (for narrations,commercial and Animation)

About the industry
Voice analysis
Finding your technique
Script interpretation
Emphasis and key copy points
Copy basics and Marking copy
Handling different reads with real scripts
Microphone techniques and studio etiquette
Recording sessions Demo CD
Radio jockeying

About the industry
Different Radio formats
Roles of a Radio jockey
Performing and operational duties of an RJ
General rules
Link construction
Writing for Radio
Finding the Technique
Bringing out your best attitude and personality
Infusing enthusiasm and effect
Use of humor effectively
Connecting to your listener
Eliminating mind gaps
Mock auditions and role plays
Handling phone-ins and Interviews
Preparing for auditions and marketing
Master of Ceremonies Training

About the Industry
Different types of emceeing
Show preparation, audience interaction and appropriate dressing apart from voice components
Structuring the flow
Mock hosting
Voice Training for Trainers and Teachers

Voice scan
Training for vocal stamina, quality, energy and clarity
Effective use of the voice
Working on sounds, words and sentences
Developing rapport with audience
Developing rapport
Care and maintenance of voice