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Executive Power Speaking

Speak with authority and impact!
Executive Power speaking will make you a more compelling and powerful communicator—You'll be working with renowned Voice and life skills expert Prakash paul a Radio presenter ,communications trainer and Voice coach to learn voice and communication techniques to become a compelling communicator who speaks with absolute authority and impact.

Prakash Paul's coaching provides a “toolkit” of methods and approaches from Persuasion,influence,NLP, and Communication that will strengthen your confidence,presence and speaking skills .Whatever speaking situation you find yourself in, you'll discover how to engage audiences, create emotional connections, and lead your listeners to action.
Choose from three course options:
Executive Power speaking
The 3 week course (360 minute weekly sessions)
The accelerated program ( three 180 minute sessions)
The 1 day intensive workshop ( 8 hours per day) for out-of-state clients
We start with a voice and speech analysis and the training is packed with activities and assignments which will be customised to match your needs and goals. Extensive videotaping of practice presentations with expert critiques and feedback is a core component of this course.
Course Syllabus :
Module 1: Voice work out
Breathing, relaxation and voice support
Voice culturing for more vocal strength and projection
Voice acting for better expression and colour
Voice modulation for better voice variety and dynamics
Voice exercises for better consonants and vowel quality
Right voice tone to elicit the desired emotion
Module 2
Body language
Stance, gestures and movement
Spatial anchoring
Expression by the MOVE technique
Module 3
The different structures of a presentation
Knowing your audience
Being clear on your 'why '
Developing a brain heart connect with the core message
Connecting at both the intellectual and emotional levels
Use of power words and predicates
Module 4: Powerful Openings and Closings
The 'set up' Starting your speech
The Resolve Ending vividly and memorably
Bringing your content to life
Connecting at the intellectual and emotional level
Use of metaphors, quotes anecdotes and story tell
Module 5
One to one communication
Science and art of persuasion and influence
Rapport building
The powerful 108 techniques to connect , influence and command respect
Developing easy flow and speaking without hesitation or mind gaps
Follow-up and ongoing learning is available through telephone, Skype, or in-person sessions.
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